Medexi Care

Medexi Care

Vital Information When and Where Needed

Medexi Care allows community physicians to be informed of the care status of all patients – at all times. This innovative hospital-based application brings continuity of care, dissemination of meaningful information, automatic alerts, and record tracking – all into one simple and uniform touchscreen program. Community physicians can now gain real-time access to emergency room and hospital encounters. Quickly learn about a patients health status and the care plan prescribed. Not only does this provide increased continuity of care, but serves to increase referral revenue for patients who require follow up appointments – appointments which translate to incremental revenue to grow the bottom line.

Medexi Care benefits include:

  • Real-time alerts providing highly-detailed hospital care ‘snapshots’ including history of present illness, lab results, radiographic interpretation, diagnosis, medications prescribed, and disposition
  • 5% of today’s community physicians have immediate access to hospital data. Medexi Care increases that number by 90% reducing administrative workload and faxing
  • A highly-effective referral revenue mechanism via the notification of patient’s follow up care appointment needs directly to the primary care physician’s office and staff


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