Effective Integration

Preparing Each New Environment for Success

As health care providers, we understand the health care culture. It is this level of understanding, the hands-on real world experience, which uniquely positions our team to effectively guide and lead hospitals across the country, reduce their readmission rates and increase patient satisfaction.

As health care providers we also understand that change, even positive change, can create concern. We realize that with each new Mexedi 360 installment – the execution plan must be flawless.

To ensure a solid return on your Medexi investment, the Medexi 360 Launch Plan is one of the most thorough integration plans in the industry and is strictly implemented for each new installment.


  • Our team begins each new installment with a needs assessment of the client’s current situation. By understanding the current strengths, weaknesses and subsequent opportunities, we are provided a solid foundation for making modifications to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Next, armed with the information from the needs assessments, our Chief Medical Officer visits with the ER department to review current processes and procedures to identify what actions need to be taken to establish an environment for success.


  • Our team conducts in-hospital training with all applicable departments, from administrative, to case managers, to the ER team. Each training session is customized to meet the needs of each respective department in order to ensure training is pertinent and time efficient.
  • The Medexi IT team then works hand-in-hand with the internal IT team to develop a comprehensive integration plan which is seamless and efficient


  • Upon the Medexi 360 System launch, clients can be assured that live support is available on-demand.
  • Ongoing consulting services are also available for those organizations seeking additional assistance