Medexi 360 Software

Introducing Medexi 360

An innovative and comprehensive care platform designed to meet the needs of today’s evolving health care environment by improving care outcomes and – significantly reducing hospital readmissions and greatly improving patient care satisfaction levels.

Designed and developed by health care professionals, for health care professionals, Medexi 360 leverages advanced SaaS technologies alongside evidence-based transitional care models to effectively manage care at patient discharge and beyond.

Research shows that within the next 5 years, 66% of hospitals will be subject to a Medicare Readmission Penalty.


With Medexi 360 System, organizations can now achieve a level of effectiveness which can subsequently lead to improved performance — within patient satisfaction ratings as well as on the balance sheet.  With far reaching capabilities ranging from the blending of dissimilar patient and medical data which is transformed into meaningful and useful information, to real time alerts which notify the proper providers as to potential complications with high-risk patients, to the generation of sophisticated reports and analytics which provide critical information in a human resource conserving manner—Medexi 360 offers the intelligent transitional care software.

The Medexi 360 transitional care software overview:

  • Truly innovative and completely comprehensive, end-to-end transitional care solution
  • Offers a level of care continuity previously not available via user-established alerts, ‘care’ auto populated dashboards, and customized reporting
  • Provides real-time alerts of patient status enabling immediate action
  • Allows for the blending of dissimilar patient and medical data into meaningful information
  • Features a depository for patient records, documents, and other vital information