Medexi Inform

Medexi Inform

Keeping Health Care Providers Informed & Engaged


Medexi Inform triggers real-time alerts in the emergency department for potential 30-day readmissions – before the patient is readmitted. These alerts come in the form of a text message or email directed towards the primary care physician, case manager and transitional care provider. This delivers health care providers the information they need, when they need it…in order to make informed decisions and take proactive actions – actions that lower avoidable readmissions, increase patient satisfaction scores and ultimately lead to better outcomes.

Medexi Inform benefits include:

  • Real time alerts via text message or email on patient status enabling immediate action
  • Offers high-level customization of dashboard accessible by community and hospital providers
  • Cloud-based platform which provides a level of care continuity and communication tools — previously not available


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