Transitional Care Coaches



Transitional Care Providers are truly the key to effective hospital discharges. By educating, coordinating, and guiding, these medically-trained coaches help ensure positive patient outcomes, increases in patient satisfaction…

Dr. Glen McCracken

Rich Visokey brings to Medexi an extensive background in the technology field which encompasses a variety of types of highly-advanced IT projects and responsibilities. As a 20+ year IT industry veteran, Visokey has worked with numerous high-profile brands and organizations including Wells Fargo, Radio Shack, and Lexus. He has also worked with an array of highly-innovative and next generation technology projects including SpeechYou and TrailNote. Career highlights include the conceptualization, design, and deployment of a large scale lead management system (LMS) which had the capability to track 2 million plus leads for a major technical university. Visokey is also the co-founder and president of Flusion, a provider of technology and marketing solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.

Within his role at Medexi, Visokey is responsible for the overall design and development of the Medexi 360 infrastructure as well as all additional organization-wide IT related responsibilities and initiatives.

Visokey’s professional mantra includes a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and to continually identify strategies which afford Medexi clients the ability to stay competitive within today’s ever-evolving health care industry.